Fame and Glory; our story.

After getting together almost weekly for over a year to play music for the pure enjoyment of it, someone said “maybe we should be a band”. But why? We were having so much fun exploring, arranging, and deconstructing string band music for our own pleasure. Why should we go through the hard work and hassle of hustling for gigs, recording, and playing for other people. Why bother? …For the Fame and Glory, of course!

Three friends rooted in, but not limited by, old time string band music take our toolbox of instruments: fiddle, banjo, octave mandolin, mandola, mandolin, slide resonator mandolin, and guitar, and pair it with intriguing vocals and harmonies to create an eclectic and unique sound.

And how’s that Fame and Glory been working out for us…? Well, It’s been pretty good so far.